I hate cooking.

Use your freezer for something besides ice cream.
October 14, 2016
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Welcome to The Cursing Gourmet show! I’m your host, Suzanne, and I’m here to take you on a wild ride through the adventures of a cooking hater.

I’ve always hated cooking. Every non-foodie/non-cooking-junkie out there will agree with me when I say that cooking is a time- and life-sucking daily chore.

And I F-ing HATE chores.

And cooking is the MOTHER of all chores! Cooking(/all-things-related) takes up more time than all other chores COMBINED!

But we still have to do it, don’t we?

Ewwww! The awful truth!!

BUT… In my hate-filled cooking odyssey, I’ve come up with many useful tips and shortcuts that can benefit like-minded haters. So I decided to share them here.

So YES, this is technically a “cooking” blog, but you should expect to find a lot more topical cooking posts than recipe posts.

My whole purpose in writing this is to help my peeps who hate cooking and/or suck at it.

And for all us haters, we NEED help with psychological barriers we face, as far as cooking is concerned, not just simple tips and shortcuts.

There are things I’m going to tell you, that if you’re a hater, will make you roll your eyes and think that I’m nutso. Menu planning? Making large batches of food to freeze? Getting nerdy with Excel???

This kinda stuff, at first glance, might sound like WAY too much for a hater. But trust me when I tell you, these types of things will dramatically DECREASE the overall time you spend in the kitchen every week…

Which I’m just assuming is the primary goal of any cooking hater: Absolute minimization of time spent in the kitchen (as well as time spent OUTSIDE the kitchen, such as shopping, looking up recipes, etc.)

I basically have two mantras, when it comes to cooking:

(1) If I’m going to spend the time to cook something, what’s the point if it isn’t absolutely delicious?

And (2) I HATE cooking. But I LOVE feeding the people I love (myself included!!)

I swear, if I can learn to hate cooking slightly less, anyone can. And I’m here to help YOU feel that too.

So welcome to the show and enjoy the ride!! 😉

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