Gringo Chicken Enchiladas

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February 23, 2017
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Gringo Chicken Enchiladas

The Cursing Gourmet Tip of the Day:

Gringo Chicken Enchiladas. Arriba!!

Ok you can certainly make your own enchilada sauce. But for haters, this is just another annoying step you’d rather avoid. (As a reference, “quick” enchilada sauce recipes take 10-15 minutes to make.)

You could also buy enchilada sauce, but I’m sharing this “gringo” version of the recipe because it’s just REALLY yummy, regardless of its lack of authenticity, AND very easy to make.

The recipe calls for a can of cream of mushroom soup, but per the highest rated user reviews, I use cream of chicken instead. Also, per reviews, I add a packet of taco seasoning… The recipe wouldn’t be nearly as good without it.

I serve the enchiladas with a side of black or refried beans and Mexican or Spanish rice (nothing fancy, just Rice-a-Roni.) And don’t forget a little sour cream on the side, if that’s your bag, baby… Yeah!

Bonus tip: You can cut down on time even further by purchasing/shredding one of those already-cooked rotisserie chickens from the store. You can use these chickens instead of making your own for MANY chicken recipes, which I highly recommend for all haters and folks pressed for time 😉

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